“It’s Okay, I’m an Engineer!”

You know you’re in trouble when you hear those words coming from someone’s mouth, especially your own. It’s as if to say you’ve got it all under control when the complete opposite is true. Those statements are usually followed by comedic disasters. I don’t know what it was about my winter hat, but everyone went…

Keys to the Kingdom.

Ladies, your daily reminder – Don’t Shine Before Swine. I needed this tonight.

The Art of Sabotage.

This is getting out of control now. You should all be insanely jealous because I’m pretty sure I’ve become the leading expert in sabotage. I mean, ruining every potential relationship before it even begins is a fucking art. Nailed it. Note to self: Never reveal anything. Even if they do, do not reciprocate. Stay inside…


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You searched for her the whole night through. Treasure maps strewn on the floor. X’s where you had gone before. She was standing right in front of you the entire time but you couldn’t recognize your own reflection.

Quotes on Fire

Don’t mind me, I’m just dumping quotes into my witches brew.😉


I couldn’t comprehend how Spring would bring new life when my heart was still buried in last September, decaying under the memories of you. But, Spring has come and gone and Autumn reins again, bursting forth colorful displays that remind us all that there is beauty in the breakdown and life in letting go. Like…

Write On!

…As of today, I’m one step away from becoming a published author. Well, the publication contacted me today about the two short stories I sent in and they were very well received. They loved them and said it was like reading chapters out of books. With a few revisions I should be golden! I’m beyond thrilled and it was totally unexpected, although I have been working really hard on this…

Movie On

In fact, most of the movie-worthy gold lies beneath the chaotic waves that broke me. Somewhere within the mind, saturated in a euphoric high, lies the unraveling of the authentic self where all makes perfect sense as the story drifts through calmer waters that anchor into depths rarely ever seen by others. It’s a beautiful disaster – saturated in spontaneous adventure, messy love, twisted humor and unparalleled bravery.