Santa, it’s Showtime… Swing It.

Electro Swing, where have you been my whole life?

Had I listened to you a year ago,

you’d have ended my strife.

Instead I fell in love with him,

in my dreams and on a whim.

Knock my socks off and dance in the rain!

Struttin’ on the rooftops for Santa …

Lizzy’s barefoot and she’s ending her pain.

The hurdle’s been jumped…

Lizzy’s dancing out back,

fired up and overly pumped.

Christmas is here and Santa is on his way….

Oh the conversations they’d have…

about the stuff they’ve seen; if only they could say,

“Thanks for the gifts and for this hell raising year!”

“Many more to follow – rest assured for the bold.”

“Not for me, ’cause this heart’s been sold.”

“Let’s rethink that this time, my dear.”


“Silly girl, that’s what got you into trouble this time last year.”

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