Someone Slap Me Sideways and Call Me Sane

I was defending my right to talk to myself this morning. haha. I told my friend that it is like ‘Empty Chair’ Dialogue…where one talks to an empty chair in an attempt to resolve issues with someone with which they need to talk. You put that person in the chair, so to speak, and role play your parts. I have done it many times in therapy sessions.


It’s a good thing that they invented bluetooth and ear buds, because it doesn’t look weird when I have full blown conversations with myself, especially in the car. People just think I am talking on speaker phone with another human. Oh no. I mean I get so used to it, that I do it in public now. Admit it, so do you. Sometimes, it is the most intelligent conversation we will have all day, so don’t dismiss your level of crazy. If you, too, talk to yourself, here is proof that you are, in fact, ahead of the game…


Talking to Yourself: A Sign of Sanity


Though we live in a noisy world, many people struggle with too much silence in their lives. They are either living alone or living with others who are engrossed in their own thing. (That’s easy to do in the digital age).

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