Writing is like a marathon of the mind, heart and soul. It can be grueling work. Beneficial work. Necessary work. We write not because we want to. We write because we have to. But find me many people that really believe that or understand it, and I would be stunned; they are mostly non-writers, of course, and some haven’t done an ounce of soul searching in their entire lives.

I simply wish more people would recognize the difficulty and the pain staking work that goes into our writing, not that we do it for recognition…it would just be nice. Yes, we also have many joys while doing so, but it’s not an easy road to climb. We have to force ourselves to lie bare in front of everyone that crosses our words. We have to bare our souls and that, that is not something to simply snuff at. That takes confidence, strong will and an unparalleled sense of self like I, personally, have never known in my life until now.


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