Sober Seeds

Call it synchronicity, serendipity, karma, the law of attraction or signs…I see ’em! And boy does that feel good! I suppose I was so isolated and trashed all the time, I never noticed how the Universe was working in my favor…as I believe it does for everyone if they have the eyes to see. How ironic, because I used to think I was so ‘aware’ my whole life.

Even in my oblivion, there would be times when I would see an onslaught of them and then I would get so damn excited that I would launch myself into hysteria and mania. Not good. For me, it was a lack of control. But for the Universe, it was probably a way of waking my sedated mind.

Now that I am of a sober mind, I am seeing them daily and I am better able to acknowledge them and handle them…using them for my benefit and using them to propel me further into my so-called destiny and everyday life.

Things seem to be coming together and I never really noticed that before, at least not for such a prolonged time. I don’t chalk everything up to the Universe, because there was a lot of hard work on my part and the parts of others. But I can acknowledge and appreciate its role.

I now grab hold of each sign that comes forth to show itself, and drift with it like dandelion seeds in the wind. I just let it lead and see where it takes me. I drift and flow WITH it now versus arresting it in its tracks, stomping on it, or ignoring it all together.

There is a sense of peace about it all now like I have never experienced before.

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 3.19.10 PM

4 Comments Add yours

  1. jessiemartinovic says:

    feels so good hey, little gifts

  2. Terms of My Surrender says:

    Doesn’t it feel great when sobriety stars giving you little gifts? When it slowly starts returning things you thought were list forever? I love those moments!

    1. Amen! Ya, I was beginning to think there for a while, in the end of my addiction, that these gifts were all an illusion. It’s so wonderful to see them back again.

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