“Duct” Dynasty

I am watching ‘Alone in the Wilderness’ with a friend about a guy in his 50’s that moved out to live in Alaska and filmed a documentary in the 60’s. He’s a master at survival and carpentry. He is quite the talent. We’re in awe of his ingenuity and skills. We’d so die in the first day trying to pull that off!

Running commentary:

So and So: “plus he had to plan out all those shots and think of what to say etc”

Me: “Ya, you know it!”

So and So: I’m surprised I never mentioned this to you before

Me: probably because you were afraid I’d run off and try it! lol

So and So: just film it when you build the cabin & fireplace lol. Mine would be like “screw it, I’m duct taping this tree to this one and done” lol

Me: haha! the art of duct tape survival in the wilderness by Mr so and so. Duct Tape Survival Series!

So and So: “Duct” Dynasty.


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  1. I love that documentary. Highlights include the food locker on stilts and the the underground food locker, the pancake syrup, and the Christmas socks.

    1. Nice! We didn’t get that far. I think it’s a series? I’ll have to look it up and line and finish it up. What did he do, whittle the socks out of tree bark? I wouldn’t be surprised.

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