Wow, What a morning. One wicked ice storm. One epic wipeout. One shattered phone. One passive aggressive message left to decode. Two acts of karma. Possibly one broken finger and two shattered hips. One new nomination. 6 posts (I really gotta get that under control). And countless laughs.

Despite my desire to leave today, I think it’s best to stay inside and make the world a safer place. I need duct tape for my mouth, a bandaid for my back and a good book. A magic pill to shut my brain off would be good too, just sayin’…sick of myself already today. So if you got that, let me know.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 12.37.25 PM

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  1. Awe!! Stupid tricksy ice!! I’ll quite happily go have a wee chat with Karma for you. I could help with the brain pill but then that’d be illegal soo…
    Hope your okay on a serious note though and shitty about your phone. 😘

    1. I’d really appreciate that! lol! Karma really kicked my butt today, but I am okay and recovering! 🙂

      1. Glad to hear it!! A broken phone can be dealt with.. Broken bone’s well not a great idea as one gets older.. I slip on the darn ice too often so thank goodness for natural padding in my case anyway.😃
        Rest up and I’ll get back to you about what kind of mood Karma is in today..LOL! 🙂

      2. haha! Yup, I have plenty of natural padding myself. If I didn’t, I’d be in worse shape that is for sure. I am too old for falls like this…I can’t afford it either.

      3. Whoo!!! Good thing for the padding! 🙂
        If you are in the US then you’d have to pay even for just a checkup that you didn’t break anything would’t you? 😦
        Yeah, true enough… After the age 32 or so, falls or any type of injuries well one may as well be 80 as those “bounce back” days are gone..

      4. Ya, any check up would cost some money, even with insurance. lol, I know those bounce back days are over for me! I used to ski all the time and had epic wipeouts but I was always able to get right back up. Not the case anymore!

      5. I know right!!?? Used to Snowboard. Wiping out good and hard made great video or better yet, just plain major awesome girl cred! Shit! What a person used to be able to do hey? A epic ski or snowboard wipeout now would now be “Help! I’ve fallen and can’t get up!” but for real..LOL 😄😂
        I never could understand why the US doesn’t follow how us up north here or some European countries up the taxes a wee bit, cut back on expenses such as military ( which no I can’t see the States cutting military but you know what I mean..) so that everyone rich, poor and inbetween can have free medicare. Every human should have the right to health care period. I sometimes forget how lucky i am that I can go to Emerg anytime I want, counselling, get test’s excetera for nothing… And that whole insurance thing never made sense either. From what ive heard from a few of my friends down there, even with insurance it can get costly.. 😞

      6. LOL, you crack me up! Yes, it can still get costly, that is for sure. ER visits with insurance used to run me about $150 just for a check in/up. I can’t even tell you the amounts I owe in medical expenses.

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