Love & Hate – The Glacier & The River

It’s amazing how glaring that word “HATE” can be. Especially given in heavy doses every single day. Why on earth is that we can receive boundless love everyday from all corners of the earth, but one act of hate can seem to blur it all out?

Hate is sharp and cuts through faster, like a raging river carving into the landscape. But, in the end, love wins because it is a dull, throbbing ache that has more stamina, covers more ground, and has the ability to move like a glacier, changing the heart’s landscape forever…ever so slowly. A river carves in its fickle manner, constantly changing its limited landscape day to day. A glacier is steadfast and stable, changing the landscape of the heart forever more.

I have heard of men conquering rivers with love, but I’ll be damned if I have ever heard of a man that has conquered a glacier with hate. Or anything for that matter. Period.


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