Maybe someday the truth will come out

but as of now, I will have to forgive

when he is six feet under a tree

somewhere in the depths of hell.

You beat her til she bled

all in her depressed state of mind

something she even couldn’t sort out

in her defenseless soul;

my heart breaks and it swells.

You cheated and you came

into other women;

on the front pages

I saw pictures of evidence

and heard phone conversations at night…

all under the guise that you

were fighting an uphill battle in your so called plight.

She scratches her body

in anxiety and depression

all because of a man

and his sickly oppression.

You make me sick to look at

and I rot in my soul;

the energy you steal from us is

comparable to dark black holes.

I slapped you good and hard one day

sending you backwards into the stairs;

bet you didn’t see that coming,

you fuck.

I hate your heart

and you have run out of luck.

My love for you stops here.


you are well deserved.

You will reap what you’ve sown;

and you will be served.

Karma is a bitch

and I needn’t stick around

to see the repercussions

of your actions and behavior…

for you my dear,

are nothing but hellbound.

You sit back and think it away.

I assure you that it is not okay.

Dear one, you will not have your way.

I will rise.

I will rebel.

I will speak.

And we will have our day.


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