Monkey Money Exchange

Conversations with Monkey Sauce, cont…

Monkey Sauce: I have the oompa loompa song in my head now. lol

Today, I went and exchanged my coins for bills and exchanged a ripped bill for a non ripped one.

RaptorRex: Good one! No pun intended …

Monkey Sauce: Yep, hi miss bank lady, i need a good one.


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  1. Reblogged this on Equilibrium and commented:
    i got a good one alright, lol

    1. lol. I told this lil’ snippet to mom and she goes ‘what?’ I say, ‘he’s got a good one!’ She goes,’ what?’ Guess ya can’t win ’em all!

      1. I maintain that if it makes a mom say what more than once it might have some merit!

  2. Priceless!
    I ❤ you 2!

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