Gone Wishin’…

Uh-oh, this is the third day that I have slept like a rock off and on all day. It is the calm before the storm. This points to another upswing in manic activity in the near future. I noticed a clear pattern emerge right before mania hits, I sleep for days…it’s as if my body is naturally trying to store up energy. I just woke up from another 3 hour nap in which I dreamt the craziest of dreams that flirt with grandiose thoughts, which concern me. Even still, with the concern, I will write about it as it was one fantastic ride.

Plus, the full moon is almost upon us. I don’t think I have the energy to keep up with myself through this next phase. I have been taking my meds religiously, I have not been drinking, so I am not sure what this is all about. I guess I just chalk it up to the man in the moon and his hook, line, and sink her.

Gone wishin’…


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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    This too will pass.

    1. It did indeed, thanks. 🙂

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