Levitation – Raising a Dream

Reblogging in faith.


“The eye sees a thing more clearly in dreams than the imagination awake.

light in the eyes

Liz looked down at her phone, desperately trying to figure out how to text, “WAIT FOR ME,” to Chris.

She had been in the interview process from the moment the sun rose ’til it set beyond the streets in some far-off land. She was late picking up Chris to walk back home, but it was necessary to stay put for the hiring managers were going to make their decision at 5pm sharp.

Only two people received the blue passports for entry into the celebrated avant-garde wing and that was her and her mysterious competitor. Out of hundreds and hundreds of applicants, who now waited for their final dismissal or entry-level positions in long laborious lines while grasping the red passports in their hands. It looked like a cattle shoot, while Liz sat at the large round table alone, raised…

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