Conversations with Mom, cont…

Conversations with Mom, cont….

Mom: Do you want to plan a vacation in April for you, me, your sister and Dad?

Me: Shoot me now.

Mom: Where would you go on vacation in April, if you could anywhere in the world?

Me: Wyoming of course, with my friends….to ride horses through Yellowstone.

Mom (rolling her eyes) You’ll fall off your horse. (Doesn’t much matter what I would say, she’d find something negative about it…lol)

Me: Where would you go?

Mom: I’d go to Knoebels. (A dinky lil’ amusement park in the middle of Amish Country)

Me: Way to dream big, Mom. Way to think outside the box.


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  1. suchled says:

    Maybe it’s not hat she cant think outside of the box but you are each in different boxes and someone has to cut a hole in the wall. I’ll show you how.

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