Fun with Siri

I introduced Siri to my mother this morning.

She asked what time it was. Siri answered with, “it’s 9am, good morning!” Mom about keeled over in shock.

I then asked if my Mom was crazy and Mom didn’t think that was so nice.

So, Mom asked me to ask Siri what’s my boyfriend’s name.

Siri responded, “I don’t see boyfriends in your contacts.”

Thanks, Siri. Thanks, Mom. Thanks for rubbing that in.


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  1. dyane says:

    How funny! I haven’t been around Siri, but my ten-year-old daughter has and wants us to have our own Siri. I feel very out-of-the-hip-loop!!!! Keep having fun with it! (Her?)

    1. I just introduced myself to ‘her’ a bit ago. haha! So, I know just about as much as you do.

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