Since my first painting yesterday turned out to be a bit morbid, I decided to flip it over and try something with a bit more life to it. The first image is what I was going for in my head. As you can see in the second image of my painting, I totally NAILED IT! Ha! Guess I need a bit more practice.

I am finding painting to be quite the challenge for me. I have little patience for the medium after being in Graphics for the last 15 years. I am used to instant gratification and it’s frustrating when I can’t manipulate something quickly. What does that say about me? It’ll be quite a process in the next few years here to practice painting and train my brain to slow down a notch. Will definitely be quite the challenge, however, it will really be beneficial to recovery I think and it will become a tool to use in the future.

I am finding it fascinating to see a definite style emerge from my latest work. I can see it in just the last three pieces I uploaded.



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