So, I am starting to experiment with Charcoal again. Charcoal, Coffee, and Q-tips.

A while ago, during a stint in rehab, I was told to envision all my cares, worries and troubles washing down the drain as I showered. To really, deeply feel the sensation of all my woes sliding off my body with the water and into the drain, never to return again. I was told to also think of my negative thoughts in this manner. To let them pass by, without resisting, and watch them disappear into the distance, forever.

I had been going through a pretty rough depression recently and I went into the bathroom to take a shower after a week or so of not taking one. I know, gross. But that is what depression will do to you. It steals every last ounce of energy you have left, rendering you completely inept in the hygiene department. I went to take a shower, and I looked down at the tub. On the bottom were patterns of scum and soap, left from the shower before. As disgusting as that is, it formed really neat patterns on the tub floor. I had to draw it out.

So, I did. Of course, I ended up exaggerating the patterns in charcoal. I used my manic energy to draw it out with whatever I had around the house. I think I was actually in a mixed state at the time, because my head was heavy with negativity, yet I was up all hours of the night, drawing it out ferociously. Then, to the patterns, I added issues that were bothering me, exciting me, or simply grabbing my attention throughout the day.

Then I finally took that shower.

I call it the SCUM SERIES.

May all the filth in your mind, body, and soul wash as quickly down the drain as the water flows…

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  1. yeseventhistoowillpass says:

    You are an incredible artist…. You have “The It” so many artist would die for.

    1. Thank you, friend! 🙂

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