So first-world problems here. I just lost my laptop to Tupperware condensation. I just had to eat friggin’ spaghetti at midnight and I ended up spilling the condensation from the container on my keyboard and mouse pad. Then shit got real and santanic forces united, sending my computer into a demonic posession that I couldn’t control.

I can’t even discuss what I may have lost if this computer doesn’t magically resuscitate itself by tomorrow morning. I’ll go into sheer panic. All my pix, 10 years of graphic design work gone, etc…


I guess I’m the moron who didn’t back up but still… All those drunken nights, all those manic nights, all those frustrated nights…and not one drop on it? Until one night, when I’m sober n things couldn’t get worse…I had to eat spaghetti n make it so.

I’d rather be drunk.

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  1. one event after another

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