Smack down, gypsy whore turn and shady squint.

Rise up, foxy canine snarl and rosy glint.

It’s been forever that I saw you like that in this place.

You didn’t even notice, take a bow or look in my face.

You can’t do it because the waters are too deep,

the air is too fair and the days are numbered for this black sheep.

It’s a farewell pardon…it’s a gathered shell on the side of the shore.

It’s a blank stare, an awkward grace, and a tale in folk lore.

Days came and went and I sat here and wrote

about castle doors closing and sunken boats.

I was keen to remember the serendipity in this,

the synchronization of the universe held in a wish.

I captured it the best I could and I hope it makes you proud,

still I bet if you saw me, you couldn’t pick me out of a crowd.

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