YOU’RE SO CHEESY! – Conversations with Cheesus – Some Days Ricotta Just Laugh

Conversations with Cheesus and Motz-Her-Ella …

Cheesus – I wish I could say I am aging like wine but it’s more like cheese. Getting stale and smelly.

Motz-Her-Ella –  Careful there, I like stinky old cheese….goes good with my wine!


Cheesus –  I think something happened to your tongue there.
Motz-Her-Ella – ya it got wrapped up in your stinky cheese
Cheesus – It’s all Gouda.
Motz-Her-Ella – you’re so cheesy!
Cheesus – Hey there’s nothing grate about sliced cheesy. I can’t Camembert it. Lol
Motz-Her-Ella – it’s parm for the course. okay, that was really stinky.
Cheesus – Eat too much and it will be your fetash.
Motz-Her-Ella – It’s hot as helluva out there. But there is a nice little bries. Okay, I can’t play I don’t know chessus well enough. He’s my living Sauvignon Block o’ cheesus.
Chessus – If this goes on too much more one of us is going to make an Asiago out of themselves.
Motz-Her-Ella – You’re tryin’ to mac my cheese, aren’t you? You’re so krafty!
Cheesus – So you’re saying you want my noodle in your Velveeta?
Motz-Her-Ella – Cheese don’t string me along, thanks.

A recently discovered image of Sweet Baby Chessus –

… Don’t swiss out on the block of cheese-n-tary below!

26 Comments Add yours

  1. -You nailed the cheese on the head with this one.
    -The sky looks bleu today.
    -They should make a show called The String Cheese Theory
    -To cheddar or not to cheddar, that is the question.
    -Pepper Jack be nimble Pepper Jack be quick, Pepper Jack cheese on my Burger.

    1. hahaha! I love the pepper jack be nimble!

    2. you’re such a cheese ball!

    3. laughin’ my gouda belly off at these goudaism quotes.

    4. What unsolved mystery has more holes in than swiss? A cheesus heist!

      1. Swiss cheese has more holes in it that an 18 hole golf course. LOL

      2. Wow, now that is holy!

      3. Wonder what the parm is on that course?!

      4. It doesn’t matter what parm it is, as long as the golf ball is gouda.

      5. you mean, cheese ball.

      6. sounds like one of the best grated courses around.

      7. This Swiss golf course is Grate for sure, better than Gouda. The winner wins Lottza Mottza pizza.

      8. And the Whizzer is!!!….. what a whiz, what a whiz folks. Don’t forget, the course is closed on Parm Sunday.

  2. Pepper Jack wins and gets sprayed with String Cheese and wins the Bleu Cheese award for excellent performance and Gouda scoring.

    1. cheese, that really curds!

      1. Stopping curding yourself

      2. you really threw me a curd ball on that one.

      3. And chessus the director yells, CUT!

  3. Don’t curd me or i might turn bleu

  4. Don’t you dare cut the cheese!!!!

    1. Open the grates, we have to air out this cottage.

  5. Ricotta do somethin’ about this, laughing cow.

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