Forgiveness is happening as I write, so that I can move on to self-forgiveness, apologies, and so I can move on to a higher purpose. Because, quite frankly, this stewing in my shit is getting painful, old, and a waste of this precious life and journey. Both for myself, and for others that come in contact with me. Life is hard enough for all of us.

I was so uncomfortable with this feeling of resentment that I did some things I regret versus just sitting with it and learning from it. I pointed fingers, I blamed, and I called people out…all in the hopes of some release. It worked for a split second, but later the regret and guilt came back to haunt me. It doesn’t feel good to add more bricks to their walls. I know what that feels like, so shame on me. I don’t want to be that person whose resentment and unforgiveness detracts from the well-being of other people’s lives. I let it go.

Today, I was studying up on the Law of Attraction, universal speech, being conscious of our speech and language, and karma. A lot to take in, I know, but it all kind of fell into my lap, as I had asked for it to do so. Again, law of attraction at work. It’s necessary and time to learn this lesson now.

Everyone I meet, regardless of how hard the lessons may be and how hurt I may feel, adds to my overall path and journey in life. And vice versa. If I can look at this way, regardless of pain endured, it makes it a lot easier to forgive those…especially those that had good intentions. I beg of people to look at my intentions behind my words and actions, so why I am so stubborn to not see them in other’s words and actions? How dare I.

So, in looking at all of this with fresh eyes and a softened heart, I was able to see that not only can I forgive, but I can also be thankful that things happened the way they did. For if they did not, I may not have woken up … I may not be here. I may not be on the doorstep of my higher calling or purpose in my life.

I may not have ever seen how wrong I was and how to change direction in my life.

It’s a reality check and for that, I am forever grateful.

Enough said, moving on…

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