The efforts to control a divine plan within the Universe were in vain. The only thing that came out of it was that we were all left crippled and wallowing in pain. Friendships broken, hearts shattered, time stood still, as if it never mattered. I leave it as is, because that’s how it should be. People will come while others will go, people stay while others will flee. I know enough to know there is a divine purpose in all that occurred, but the pain and the betrayal was all that you heard.

Except for one divine truth, and that is: this life goes on and intentions written in sand will come to pass through this. I’ve learned to let go of control and let it be known, that this life is too short for futures unknown. We all end up in the same box in the end, so why not play fairly from this moment forward, my friend. We have no right to tell others what paths to choose, how to win, or how to lose. We can only bid farewell to those that don’t play or those that curse us to hell. Our paths will converge again in another time and place. If you don’t want to see me, then quicken your pace. As I walk my own lines and make my mistakes. They are all learning vessels in a game with high stakes. I choose to let the Universe lead as I attempt to go with the flow. I’m discovering people react quite strongly to this as it seems it’s a personal threat and detrimental blow.

You have no right from this moment on, to call me to shame in my own front lawn. I have been through enough and karma has it’s way. It’s one shot tomorrow and one shot today. You think I know little, as I make huge mistakes. But those that are too afraid to make them are just playing it safe. Who is to say that your way is the only way? Appreciate people’s individual paths, even if they go astray.

Everything is a lesson in this time of revolution. You may not even see it as such, what a crippling delusion. I didn’t come here to be a copy of someone else. I came to be me and to learn, from birth until hearse.

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