She is fierce.

She is known.

She is Golden.

And she’s shown.

She holds in her hand

a key that unravels

the Universe in time

for those that will travel.

She guards it like a newborn

and hides it in a cave,

somewhere out there

until it behaves.

It’s like playing with fire

before you know its true nature;

the curing and the stoking

of flames in the hereafter.

She’s been given a gift of magic

and so have you;

you just haven’t discovered,

but deep down, you know it’s true,

because it sits at your soul

and knocks on your head;

it twists every meaning

until it puts you to bed.

You dream of it in your sleep

and you see it in others’ eyes,

so why can’t you wake up

and claim your prize?

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