One of my friends said this to me when I disclosed that my therapist also had Bipolar One Disorder and was recovering alcoholic for over 33 years.

Said friend also said that if she lived in the town I lived in she’d go crazy too. Of course, she was referring to my poetry, writings, short stories, and how I perceive the world in general.

Wow. Ignorance is bliss, I guess. Cough Cough. I would have come up with a snide remark, but she wouldn’t have understood anyway, so why waste my breath?

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  1. blahpolar says:

    I’m rolling my eyes at your foolish friend…

    1. swtswtsue says:

      So am I. 😉

      1. blahpolar says:

        My psychiatrist has a bipolar father and sister, not that I’d wish it on anyone, bit that fact benefits me a hell of a lot.

      2. swtswtsue says:

        I’m not gonna lie – that’s pretty awesome. Funny, because my situation is somewhat similar. “My Lady” has an extremely interesting family dynamic as well. Not that I’d wish these things on anyone either, but I’d much rather be seen by someone who’s experienced in my brand of “crazy.” I feel ya! 😉

      3. blahpolar says:

        Actually, post your silly friend to South Africa so I can slap her about a bit with a fish 😀 The blind leading the blind *mutter* more like the warrior leading the warrior.

      4. “My brand of crazy” – I like that. I think I may have to use that. 😉

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