Go Where You Are Celebrated, Not Just Tolerated

Yet another reason why I decided to quit Facebook and why I choose to hang out with those that I do instead. I don’t just hang out with any old friends these days. I choose wisely, as the energy that I am left with at the end of the day, is very important to me. It’s either depleted or inflated. It is also why I choose to move on to wordpress, instead of facebook. I find that I get better responses, feedback, support and understanding. Plus, it’s nice to be appreciated for what you write. It’s my soul that I leave on these pages. I tried leaving tidbits here and there on facebook and social media, but it just carries through deaf ears. I choose those that support, lead, and leave a positive impact on my life. Thanks for being a part of that, wordpress.

For example, I received two emails from bloggers recently that have had much more of an impact on me than most comments ever made on facebook, combined. I will not be returning.




crowd 2



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  1. shannon G. says:

    It sounds like you have made a good choice. Well done for having the courage to try it, and follow through so far. Keep it up.

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