I live in Pennsylvania, in a farming community with Amish folk, as you can plainly see from the first photo. So, I don’t get to see mountains unless I travel West. But every once and a while, Mother Nature brings the mountains to me! I love how clouds can form in such a way that they resemble a snow-capped mountain range, with an enormous lake in front to boot! It’s really surreal if you can trick your mind into thinking that you are really looking at mountains and not clouds.

I remember the day I traveled out West to Wyoming, and I was just exiting South Dakota when I turned a corner and lo and behold, in front of me lay the most beautiful mountains I had ever seen in my life. It looked just like the picture below. I had about 90 miles to go before I reached the foot of the mountains. I have seen the Rockies before, but not like this…not on my own, not manic. I was on the phone with a friend who was warning me to stay away from the ‘crazy people,’ as there were a lot of ‘crazies’ out in this world. Little did she acknowledge, I was the crazy one. I just had to laugh and hang up as I rounded that bend and saw before me, endless mountains and endless possibilities. I was home. Crazy as that sounds. 😉



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  1. swtswtsue says:

    Gorgeous photos! That feeling of “being home” is what I long for. My long-term goal is to end up in Colorado (or someplace like it.) I’ve never been there, but that’s only because I know I’d never want to leave. PS. I’m In Pennsylvania too! North of you, I think. 🙂

    1. No way?! PA. Awesome! I am planning to head out West next year. I was just in tears everyday I was so awe-struck by its beauty.

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