CADENCE – Round Two

I am going to cut right to the chase here today. Happiness is found when what you say, what you do and what you think are in harmony.

So here it goes for now:

On the topic of worry: If you are overly concerned with what I am doing day in and day out, I tell you this…you have lost control of your own life, your own mind and your own heart. Fix and mend yourself first so that you may be of better service to others. Only then will things fall into place.

Being overly concerned with my life or the lives of others and how I/they handle it, only adds to my/their worry and I assure you that isn’t the direction I or anyone intends to go, nor a place I/them want to be in any longer.

From here on out, don’t tell me that you’re worried about me. Tell me that you are happy for me. Why? Because I am content. I am happy. I have my shit together because I have little. I have lost almost everything, including my life. But it doesn’t concern me, because today is a new day and a chance to make it better.

I have my moments, don’t we all? But that is coming to a sound end. Cadence. Look it up and then bring it back to the word – LOVE. All you need. Period.

How do I know what I do? Experience.

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