I unplugged you to publish my words.

But I want you back to see me again.

You’re still annoying as hell but I forgive

Every minute we walk.

I listen to your words n I cry out in pain

Every second we talk

This all may seem weak in my knees,

But someday darling I will be begging you please

Don’t edit yourself n go with the flow…

You have all the time and I’m watching the show.

I love you to heaven n back n in between too.

You were right about the ampersand …

Its a break in our thoughts that mend a sentence with glue.

Gold dust & diamond flakes…

Slaying our demons with all the time in the world that it takes.

I’m raking in leaves and making you a bed

To rest your flames and that silly little head.

My heart skips a beat as we turn back the clock.

I had no watch for a reason but I still said ‘tick, tock.’

Now get back to bed n dream of me in threes.

Whatever you want, I have already fallen on my knees.

A real man doesn’t fall at your feet n run out the door.

He knocks on your door n begs for some more.

He falls on both knees and wallows at your feet

To steal your heart away from its wicked Lil’ beat.

I have all the music in the world but you don’t hear a sound.

You shut it down because you’re too afraid to frown.

Show me your tears n I’ll wipe them away.

I see you swelling n I see you at play.

Give me that fire n I’ll beg for your return.

Saddle up n dig in hard…its high time I learn.

Your ways are not mine n neither are yours.

I lead you into the wild … On all fours.

Say nothing more. Rest n I’ll be by your side.

I’ll awake with you in the morning…

And I’ll fall at your stride.

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