I never want to experience a mental institution again. Ever. They work under the guise that they are helping you. After they fought me 8-1, threw me on the bed, beat me n chased me naked down the hall with white linens trailing like a cape, they strapped me down with leather n quartered my nude body. Then they shot me up with needles n told me to calm down. I was fed drugs that sedated me, made me drool n unable to form coherent sentences. I couldn’t write or draw. They thought I was lost to my wild ideas n under control.

What they don’t realize is that it’s not about an illness. It’s about Ascension. If you don’t know what that is, I suggest you look it up. Wild things are meant to stay wild. They are not meant to be tamed in this shit show circus called psychiatry. I’m done with quacks. I’m done with keeping silent about MY truth n the truths of those fighting beside me. If you can’t handle it, go elsewhere. Love is strange n powerful. I fought almost to my death for what I believe in and cherish. Love is worth it. I’m just still bitter at how they handled my pain n other’s pain.

I will no longer fight from within those walls as a blind patient. I will fight from the outside in. Those cinder blocks will crumble, rest assured. And some of the world’s best leaders will emerge. Mark my words. People are getting fired.

Daughter – The Youth

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