Him & Her

The ring around the moon and the galaxies in their eyes told of healed horizons and forgiveness from epic lies. The man in the moon set his hooks from the guardian of the tides; casting them down to the earth for her to bite or hide. He lived alone in silence, decoding her stories untold; waiting for the day the scroll accidentally unraveled and began to unfold.

She roamed the earth with heartache as a ghost amongst the rest. It wasn’t until she fell for all that she was put to the ultimate test. You can catch a fish in water but it takes a man to lead one on land. If takes a boy to set a hook but it takes a mother to lead him by the hand.

Billions of years ago, the story began with LOVE. Today it ends with the releasing of their doves. It started out with galaxies spinning in a whirlwind of love and hate. The death of a mother and a living God were too much for the pearly gates.

He set the moon in motion to watch her rise and fall. He even came back as her own to fall in love with her free for alls. She brought the children to the choir to sing out and cast their spells; to trap him in between the sheets of his personal hell.

She knew his darkest moments would lead him to her grave, where he placed her flowers to remind her of the brave.

He set the sun on a dial and tuned it to the stars; the ones who sang out in unison that they should renew their oath as one and erase their deepening scars. The sun spoke of her splendor as the moon embraced his soul. The timing on the clock was off and the bells began to toll. The stars shown brightly amongst the vastness to remind them of their own. They came to remind Him & Her that they were never truly alone.

Thousnads of lives over and countless rotations of the earth that they shattered in two. There came a day you met me halfway, and I had the pleasure of meeting you.





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