I want to get loaded under your skin. I want to shout out to the moon until the sun breaks thin. I want to lay you wide open til the skies remain in this breath between life and signature written on my soul. I wrote you books and sent them off in a mad dance. I’ve never worked so hard, morning, noon and night for you my love. I’ve never seen the stars from above. I want to climb mountains and scale cliffs with you in the sand. I want to lay to rest our worries within the palm of our hands. I want a future gleaming brighter than our sin. I want nothing more than to hold you kiss you thin. So I can crack you and break you and comfort your soul. Then one that we fill with gold dust in their widnening holes. We can traverse the glaciers and dig up raptors in our fee time. Before morning coffee and after I settle scores with mine. Mine. My true love breaks sound barriers and goes off with a boom. A night in our Museum is all I ask so we can wrestle in our tomb. The third eye on top of that site, is one sight to see through me if you try with all your might. But there are other mysteries to dissolve and resolve. Like who sunk your ship and who made us evolve. You say my desires will kill me, but you know not of this: my dear…you are worth it, sealed with a a deafening kiss.

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