It takes a certain kind of woman to want to know your past. She’ll look through family photo albums, listen to your stories and travel back to your hometown roots to unravel the mystery that is you. She will do these things because she believes you are her Knight in Shining Armor.

That is sweet.

But it takes a new breed of woman to experience your past. She’ll walk through your pain. She’ll rewrite the sadness and weave it into silken webs of new horizons on which you can walk. She’ll glide through your happiness like an angel and cut down the overgrown roots of fear choking your future. She will sweep up the ashes of bridges burned and breathe fire back into your bones, restoring you to glory. She’ll take your shattered pieces and glue them into an empire that only you can rule. She will lay down her strength at your feet so you may cross barriers only you two will ever know. Because she is willing to walk it, she will know it. Whether or not she is the one left standing at the end of your bridge, it matters not. For, in her eyes, she knows you are King.

This is fierce.

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