In that instant. In that moment. All she knew and recognized came crashing to the ground in one fell swoop. Ashes. It was time. You can remember her in her timid apprehension as she took a risk to open her heart for one more impassioned man. One more potential downfall. One more soul to unravel her weaknesses and display them proudly on his bare chest. Or you can remember her as the warrior she had always been. A warrior he was blind to because of his insatiable need to save all women from accepting and providing lukewarm love. She was anything but lukewarm from the day they met. Yet, still he tried to save her from the sickness that rots the fibers of his very being.

You can remember her, as the blistering flames from her ghost lick his lips, whispering “Goodbye” for the very last time. You can remember her any way you choose for a memory is all you will own … Because, my dear, he will never see, nor own, the likes of her again.

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