I had an amazing roommate during one of my stays in the psych wards. We are very close to this day. The room was literally divided down the center of left brain and right, but a unique relationship developed in the center. We were an extraordinary team.

We were both stuck there on our favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, so we put our heads together to make the best of it. We had a plan to organize a true Thanksgiving dinner, complete with Indian n pilgrim costumes and decor. Even a poetry reading by one of our fellow poets. I got to work on the feathers n flowers, constructing them out of toilet paper, while she handled the finances for the dollar store items we needed to pull it off.

Something happened Thanksgiving morning and we both ended up being in bad moods. So I sat in my room instead, drawing happily while she watched the football game and screamed “You’re FIRED!” to all the cheerleaders. You have to understand, she and I fired everyone in those three weeks. I fired my lawyers, while she took down the head psychiatrist. It worked too. He resigned and my lawyers offered to pay ME to stick with them.




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