Barefoot and determined, I marched on as one.

The angels that formed

were all but lonely in their shadows

that appeared with the sun.

The moon was out and mars waved hello.

I glanced up to wave back

as the tide turned

and moved into its glow.

I wrote his name in the sand,

for in faith we charm magic

and, in time, we turn tables

to gather our courage

and face what is tragic.

I’ve flown twice before

but not as high as this.

Magic works wonders

and dissolves in its bliss.

The events to unfold were unstable in two;

we search for the whole

and for all that is true.

I found so much more

in the days that would pass.

I erased his name with my body

and said goodbye at long last.

Our tribes sit in waiting

for the day we arrive,

to gather our hearts

and awaken us alive.


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