Strewn Across My Bed.

It’s not all I cared about, but it sums up what I dreamt. My life. In a nutshell. Strewn across my bed.

I’ve carried my passport around for 2 years, waiting. Always with me. Because of some insane, random text one night from someone I didn’t know. There was a drastic shift in my mentality that night. Then I got a text: “pack your passport & miscara” I’ll never forget it because I was on the exact same page in that moment.

He was too. Whether I knew him at the time or not. So was the spirit held within that book.

My future. My life. Strewn across my bed after contimplating suicide all weekend long.

I’ve decided. I’ll hide away until this is all over. Or maybe not. I’ll never know.

This image sums up every reason I had to leave, run & drown. I turned on my tablet & just let it lay.

I miss it already.


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