Captain Obvious

I may or may not have set the fire alarm off last night while toasting my coconuts. My roomie is a very routine-oriented gal and freaks out when anything out of the ordinary disrupts her day. Like a fire alarm. Me on the other hand … complete opposite. Throw a wrench in my plans like a broken foot or sudden homelessness and I make the best of it.

I do get stressed out when I have to dilute chaos for the sake of other’s sanity, however. No such luck this time as I wiped off sweat pouring from my head and wrestled with a brand new fire alarm, too advanced for the average idiot.

You’d think the whole world was coming to an end as she ran from her room. After setting off the alarm not once, twice, but three times….she finally runs out of the room for the third time and says in a calm and monotone voice and in a genuinely confused manner “Smells like somethin’s burning.”

Hmmm…ya think?! I can’t imagine what tipped you off to such an observant revelation, Captain Obvious.



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