First Prize

The Art Show I participated in was held at Norristown State Hospital. It featured the artwork from mental health agencies across the area, including Philadelphia. It’s held every year, raising awareness for Mental Health.

There are a lot of creative forces out there and it was really a pleasure to see everyone’s work. The campus itself was quite a piece of work, too..have to say. Many of the buildings are no longer in use and are falling into decay and ruin. Very fitting for this overcast, autumn day with Halloween around the bend. It’d be a great place for paranormal investigations, and being a ghost hunter, I’ll gladly look into it for the future.




I took home first prize for my county. It was a cash prize. Every little bit helps. It’s really nice to know that my supports and many others truly believe in my talent and want to see great things come out of this in my future.

I’m not sure what they saw in the piece that won, as it didn’t really speak of mental illness, but it is very reminiscent of this county and especially this season. It’s a watercolor and pen drawing of sycamore trees and a historic spring house. I fell in love with the sycamore through the work of Andrew Wyeth, my favorite American Artist. He’s a county native and nailed the simplicity in the historic beauty of this area. I especially loved the detail in his Sycamore renderings. There’s so much to look at if you really look close. So many textures and color revealed by peeling bark and age. They’re just absolutely stunning trees and they’re everywhere here, standing the test of time.

So, my first Wyeth-Inspired painting won. Maybe I’m on to something and should see if the Brandywine River Museum will showcase my work next to a Wyeth. 😉 Delusional thinking is my gift, must say.

It’s important to note. If this is what I see in a Sycamore, imagine the bursts of color and energy I see when I look at you.


My favorite piece overall was an insanely intricate mosaic piece by a male artist from Philadelphia. Larger than life, this piece was priced at 9k. And for good reason. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The time it must of taken is worth that alone. I love mosaic work and I’ve dabbled in it here and there. I used to make my own tile. Very rewarding. In any case, someone needs to buy this and hang it on their stone mantle, yesterday.

In my world, I’d slap glass on top and make it a table.

On that note, I’m signing off. If you need me, feel free to contact my agent. 😉


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