Llama Lasagna – Conversations with Monkey Sauce Con’t…

Monkey Sauce: Morning!! went for a walk after i stretched and exercised. it is cold. took a warm shower and now im in my warm apartment clean as a whistle and feeling good. No llamas.

Raptor Rex: *scratches head*

19 hours later:

Monkey Sauce: I’m playing baseball on ps 2 drunk. No llamas so far.


Monkey Sauce: Reminds me of Napoleon Dynamite.


Monkey Sauce: I think llamas are going to take over the world. They take our lasagna and they hop around suspiciously.

Raptor Rex:  Ok, this is gonna be a monkey sauce post.

Monkey Sauce: God knows what else they do behind fences.

Raptor Rex: Sorry, you had me wondering about llamas all day and then after signing into to deviant art I get it.

Monkey Sauce: I love your posts on wordpress. I cant get into my outlook account. I bet the llamas have something to do with it. I’m going to go outside and look at the stars.

Raptor Rex: Well, llama go with you!!

Monkey Sauce: How did sunflower seeds end up on my toilet seat?

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