Like a valley with no echo, somewhere between your exhale and the vulnerability unleashed in the simplest of words, were a thousand things left unsaid. In that split second, your eyes held mine as they smiled and you bowed your head in pain that I recognized as my own looking back at me. A simple, yet profound, raw and primal moment saturated in sheer awe.

“GOD … you’re beautiful.” Your breath was stolen in these simple words which we seem to hear too often.

In your last breath and in your gaze, I heard so much more. You meant every unspoken truth that trailed off into a deep exhale that unraveled my clothes and left me naked before you. That moment. Just that one, sensual moment was suspended in the air with a genuine adoration and purity. You wanted to know more. It wasn’t about looks. It was about one soul recognizing the other in a single stunning glance held in the intoxicating space between us.

I knew then what I know now. I knew you were going to hurt like hell. And I was right. It hurt. I just write to release the residue of a connection I find rare these days. I write to immerse myself in these pure moments one last time, before turning the page. They don’t come around often, because although I may have seemed to take things lightly, I don’t. I notice every detail and every detail can spin itself into a story that evokes the release of residual pain and emotion in others. I just don’t share it unless it’s worth it.

Maybe I said too much, but you were worth every word I left unsaid.



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