You’ll Change the World.

“You are full of power, despite all that pain you feel at the very core of yourself. Despite the overwhelm, the stuck-ness, the fear, the loneliness, the despair, the insecurity, the shame. Feel around for the light deep down within yourself, because it’s there in the midst of the darkness, flickering behind all those false, imprisoning stories they taught you to believe about yourself.

When you do find the switch, flick it on, and don’t worry if it fizzles back out. Keep trying, again, and again, and again– however long it takes till your insides stay lit. Trust that this process is *meant* to be frustrating and tiring and disorienting, and remind yourself of this: you’re not *meant* to have any idea how to reclaim your life from the “mental health” industry, or what that even means… You just keep breathing and putting one foot after the other in the dark, day after day, bumbling through the terrifying world out there as you continue searching through the innermost vestiges of yourself.

You already have everything you need to turn your power back on– to reignite yourself, your vitality, your human spirit– because they never, no matter how hard they tried, fully seized it from you. And when you do– when you’re finally all lit up within yourself– man, you’ll change the world. If you’re not there yet, keep searching. You’ll be there soon.”

I found this gem on Facebook this evening, beautifully written by a prominent advocate for mental health, spiritual vitality and the fight against psychiatric oppression. I couldn’t have said it any better. Absolute chills.

We’ve chatted briefly over email about a collaborative effort, using my artistic skills to illustrate logos, and future projects. She loved my work, so hopefully it isn’t too late. Love this woman! Go you!!!

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