Dear Mental Health Practitioners,

Note to mental health care practitioners…..pain is not pathology. Grief, anger, happiness and exuberance for life goals are NOT pathology. These are normal states in every human and to deny your so-called patients of this, with the only solution being medication, is absolutely absurd. I’m so sick and tired of feeling like I have to remain level at every turn to satisfy your government quotas. I signed your fucking papers, now get out of my face if you’re going to sit here and kill everything alive in my being…good or bad.

Do not underestimate me. You may have signed me off, but I just signed on.

You didn’t know your patient’s past because you never had time to ask. All we were asked were “are you hearing voices, did you have a bowl movement today and what day it is.”

Never occurred to you ask about the reason they were there….abuse, self-mulitilation, alcoholism, drug absue, heart ache, etc…

Never occurred to you to ask what makes their hearts tick did it…something that could heal them? Creativity. Music. Poetry. Art. Writing. Something every person had in them. Every one.

You wouldn’t know, because you weren’t a patient.

I guarantee that 90% of the healing that happens in those hospitals are because of patients one on one. Getting to know one another, feeling each other’s pain and expressing it, privately. It doesn’t come from therapy because 99% of the time, there is NONE..just leather straps, sedatives and meds.


And you wonder why we aren’t healing in YOUR time.


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  1. MakeItUltra™ says:

    Excellent post. Every professional should read this ✨

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