Trick of the Mind.


“I know you’re aching, but there’s greatness brewing inside of your suffering, ya know,” she said with a flick of her cigarette as they rounded the bend in the road toward their first stop.

How’s that?

Only the great have the courage to reach the depths of hell,” she replied, darting her eyes at his through the smoke, now billowing a veil between them.

I’m not surviving this,” he grunted.

You will.”

Suddenly intrigued, he asked as the corner of his lips turned upward and his eyes began to smile, “How do you know that?

Because, you’re one of the stubborn ones that live to talk about it.” She extinguished her cigarette, exhaling as they pulled in, “Takes one to know one.”

With a wink, she opened her door and stepped on solid ground. The…

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