Totem Tattoo – Don’t Try This at Home, Kids!

So, it started out as a fun experiment on my boyfriend this past weekend. I drew a totem tattoo on his arm with a sharpie (don’t try this at home, kids!) I drew a dragon, owl and wolf.

He liked it so much, he told me to draw him a tattoo so he could get a sleeve on his arm. I spent last night drawing one, sketching it and coloring it in for a visual so tattoo artists could woke off of it.

I start out with a coffee wash and the dried stains determine waht happens with the design. In this case, the face of the dragon popped out from the stains, and the rest was history.

He wants it on his back now.

And, voila!

Totem Tattoo Sketch.






Original Idea – Sharpie Shenanigans.




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