Lost & Found.

There’s a powerade in the corner

And a ring that’s etched in stone;

A heavy lifter of all things mental

And a girl that can’t be left alone.

As Dionysus cuts their throats

And the captions repeat their words,

The moon rises chasing reason,

As the Sun splits the sky in thirds.

There’s a star up north

Hiding their truth from hell,

Where all things whither

And the awakened sleep under spells.

Take a tincture and swallow it down

until it burns and sedates their minds,

‘Til the earth thunders loud and clear

And releases them from the ties that bind.

Willpower, alone, won’t budge the door

As the sirens will always sound.

It takes blind faith, tough love and warriors …

To see that they once were lost, now found.


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