Hot Off the Press!

Tomorrow, my Father and Mother are taking me out to prep for the Firebird Festival in town. It’s a Festival in town that celebrates the legend of the Phoenix, where the community comes together to build an enormous wooden bird, sell arts and crafts for the holidays, eat good food, have fun and burn it down in a huge bonfire at the end of the night after the parade of the Phoenix.

We are getting prints done for sale at Fed Ex, then heading over to Home Depot for chicken wire to hang the art work between birch tree poles that will be mounted in stands. Odds and ends, elsewhere.

I spent the day gathering the pieces for sale and taking professional shots of each and spent time color correcting each. I also made a postcard that people can frame or hang on their fridge. On the front, is a drawing I did of a Phoenix for the Firebird Festival t-shirt contest. It didn’t win, but I still have the original design so, I’m putting it to use.

I’m going to frame the original and put up a drawing so one lucky winner will take it home at the end of the night as a gift and0 momento from this year’s festival, which sadly, could be the last after many years, due to funding. Below is how I hope it looks, the snapshots of my organized folders of finals prints (all cut off in these pix), And my postcard.

If you’re interested in unique holiday gifts, collect original art, or are simply curious to know more about pricing for originals and prints, and the story behind each piece, visit my Facebook page at:







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