Divine intervention met me between the two coasts, on the edge of reason, sitting on the fence between a paycheck and my wildest dreams come true. Yet, I sat. Am I stupid? No.

I’m calculated. I see the biggest picture. Not bigger. Biggest. It takes many steps, one further still and two behind yet. Many years for this to come to fruition. Many mishaps, many hilarious blunders and many checkmates.

Dream Catchers are calling my name and I must go. Yet, I wait because, although the timing is now, wheels must be set in motion. I mean, it’s not like they’d accept me flying West, two feet off the ground. We kind of have to fit in still, even though we know who we are, as not to scare the lil’ ones.

There was a King from NYC who finally busted the ceiling open on my memory and reminded me from where I first came. After all, his love for me held me hostage on what was once the tallest structure around. Past lives, ancestral ties, soul ties, new faces, new names, past loves, new loves, new hopes, new dreams, new ties, new bonds, new warriors…all waiting for this glorious family reunion.

I’m making my list, not checking it twice. I’ve been planning this for years now. Someone breathed their practicality on my glitter until it swept into an upside down tornado and said to me, “If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.” But in the next breath, she also said, “You have to keep moving to keep the heat on.” Read in btw the lines. Noted.

So, this is what God meant by tongues. After all these years, I’m now aware that we were always fluent.


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