Wolf Pack Logic.

I’m reading a book that tells the tale of a couple that lived as trusted pack members among wolves in their natural setting in Idaho. Wolves at Our Door. Some ill-timed and brutal advice in dealing with wolves, due to fear (excerpt below), set them in motion to find a better way to create their documentary.

They had a choice in the very onset of their adventure. Go in fear and watch your back, aggressively, perpetuating centuries of lies about the wolf’s true nature. Or come as you are in Trust and become as one with the wolves, and fight the stigma held for so long that spread across the globe like wildfire and eventually threatened their existence.

Thankfully, they were re-introduced to Yellowstone, my hood. Lol. Not so long ago. In a short amount of time, they have single-handedly changed the ecosystem for the better…changed the routes of rivers, geography and balanced the natural predator/prey ratio, furthering the progress and dreams for Mother Nature, herself.

One huge lesson here is rather than shrink in Fear, perpetuating an issue, rise up in Trust and Respect and see it in the mirror reflecting back at you. Everything in nature is finely tuned, one thing missing effects the entire web of life, mankind included.

This goes for all matters of life, folks.

“Lakota” in Sioux language, means friend. He is the Omega.

He is my favorite. Not only because of his status, but also because, let’s face it, he’s kinda handsome.

The first shall be last. And the last shall be first.

In the end.

Think about that next time you shoot to kill or assume the alpha status over the underdogs.



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