DJ Funk Master Baiter, Lizzy Dizzy … in da Houszz. (Feat. Fuck Master Jizzy)

Y, I’m a creep. Don’t trust me to turn you beats, funky D master Menace. Such a bad influence to my confluence. Just kiddin, don’t be trippin. Short and sweet is how I like it. I like it Raw, baby, I liked it Raw. Whore. Speaking of hangovers, that was in record time. Nursin myself back to health, stealth master DJ Glory Hole. Joy Ride!

Had fun wit you. Wit or Witout a Paul Bunyan rock master Chewbacca bee a rocka! You look like soccer, lookin at girls in their locka! Room for two please. I’ll raise you a liar and call her a creep. She don’t make a peep when she turns it down slow, yo. But turn up the quickie and things get sticky.

Introducing Ember Island.

I’m sittin on a Pi.


Full Circle.

Spin Spin Sugar.

Introducing Ol’ Dirty Bastard. Whitney WHOson, who you callin’ a Golden Buffet in your Neighborhood? Now lift up dat skirt and give me some Wood. Make it good. Baby, I like it raw. Sue She. Where da money at, nig? Pig.

Now bring down the houszz with a lil’ Sugar Daddy, baby. Spin to Win. That’s a SIN. Oh Daddy, go Daddy, Go!

The only thing Ima be embeddin’ tonight is your head into dat post. Shaking and baking. Makin’ Bacon. Chill. Everyone like some Crunchy Munchy, Punchy. Now clean that carpet.

Poor Master Key be Slippin. You Kickin! Someone’s got and an Addiction to My Dicktion. If I’m hairy, bewarey. In the words of Chewbacca, gurgle bop bee bop boop and boo berry! Rawr. Baby I like it RAWR.






BOW DOWN, bitch. Closet Case Curtains End the One Man Show. Flow Rider. Seek and Hide Her. Orchestrated Incidental Mentals. We be the cases for the world’s tiniest violins. Listen up and let’s begin. No Faux Pas, sil vous play. I’m the conductor. Can I get away?!

Let’s go dancin’, Swinga!! Kick it for my Mista!

I fell in love with him in my basement. What? A Holy Sacrament. Who? JSM. Come again? BDSM. Flaunt it if ya got it. Strut it if xh bin/veer zint!

Now DJ Lizzy Dizzy is gonna wrap dis up! Fil’ up dis cup! Time for those pheromones to go home! It ain’t over til the phat whore moans. To the bar we stray, day after day!


Ready, Jet-Set, GO! 


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