Impermanence = I’m Permanence.

I knew something about us would be temporary.

I never demanded that you stay for the long haul because no one ever has.
I never asked you to be anything other than what you promised to be.
Which was my best friend, husband, father and fellow adventurer.
WE could have started off small, but I’ve been waiting for bigger things than it seems you are willing to give.
Which is appreciation for everything that I am.
I find it funny that you’re such a rocket scientist, yet refuse to see the Universe that looks through your eyes every single day.
Do you not see who it is staring back at you?
Yes, you.
It was always about you.
And me.
I know who I am.
YOU know deep down who you are.
Now, it’s be nice if we could just be without restraints.
Strings are only cool if they are silver linings.
Impermanence is the name of the game, but I do still hold onto hope that your promises are the exception.
Until you realize real lies, through our eyes, I guess the Universal Fabric that wove us together has no other choice but to fray and unwind.
I felt safe with you after I got to know you.
Your quiet nature had me guessin and my blushin had me stressin.
I couldn’t help it despite my best efforts to form a cross with my fingers between the energy that soaked us.
I had that dream once.
Through a computer screen.
I also had a dream where the devil would snap his fingers as I awoke and laughed maniacally in my ears.
That started about 12+ years ago.
It was nice to have a companion then.
And for that, I thank you.
It was all you ever sought and more. All you ever wanted, plus some. Beyond your wildest dreams to be accepted for who you are. To be loved unconditionally.
Yet, it stands before you in full recognition, and you turn your back on everything you preached and knew to be true.
I stunned you. You stunned me.
I don’t judge you.
But I can still cry.
I can still feel pain.
I can still long and wish and risk.
I can still laugh and love and be at peace.
I can still understand that which I know little about.
I thought we were better than this considering we’d both been horrendously burned before at the stake.
Ya know?
Always and Forever,

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